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Address from Chairman
Mr. Zongyue HU, Chairman of the Board

Huaying has been shouldering the mission of “Make you a better future”, helping thousands of students to go abroad; we have been adhering to the Conduct Principle of Working Reliably and Living Earnestly that supports us through all these challenges and backwards, and witnesses our achievement today as a big company in education services, integrating in overseas study, language training, migration, international education and study tour.

Today education internationalization is the big trend; education and training are even big undertaking for the good of future generations.

It is our ultimate belief that being reliable, doing the right thing and doing it earnestly and reliably, we definitely can do it better;

It is our ultimate awareness that we are doing a good thing to improve the nation’s quality and for the good of the country and its people, which we are well aware is the mission and responsibility of this company.

It is our ultimate bear-in-mind that Huaying’s target is to help Chinese students to benefit from outstanding cultures of other various countries so as to cultivate enormous talents with international background to serve for the modernization and revival of China!

Huaying will make diligent and continuous effort to forge the perfect international education platform for Chinese students to make their future better!

Ms. Huarong YANG, Vice-Chairman of the Board

It has been many years since the foundation of Huaying. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to students and parents who give Huaying trust and support, to overseas institutions and educational organizations that are in favorable partnership with Huaying, and to every colleague working industriously in Huaying.

In 2002, the International Department of Shude High School was set up through joint effort of Shude Senior High School and Huaying, which announced Huaying’s entry to the field of international education. Over the past 15 years, Shude International Department always stuck to the goal of its education, i.e. “building virtue and building character”. It attached equal importance to improving students’ academic performance and cultivating students’ characters, teaching students to conduct themselves prior to work, to have a heart of gratitude and tolerance, to seek for truth and respect different cultures and values, so as to become global citizens with benevolence and creativity, as well as exceptional leadership, global consciousness and international perspective. We are excited to witness our students be admitted to worldwide renowned universities; we appreciate our students’ gratitude to their parents, teachers and classmates. Huaying will always adhere to the principles of integrity and abide by the duties of an educator. We wish every student will lead a positive and confident life in the global community, and wish them every success in their future endeavors.

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