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  • 1992Establishment of Chengdu Huaying Preparation Training Center for Personnel Going Abroad, the first Sino- Japan co-invested training center for technical trainees in China.

    1994Accredited by China Ministry of Foreign Economy and Trade as the first qualified joint-venture for the training of technical trainees and exported labor service.

    1996Introduced in the investors and technical scheme of Canadian immigration as the Pioneer in Sichuan province.

    1997Took the leading place in Sichuan to engage in the overseas study service for self-funded students to study in Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, France, Switzerland and etc.

    1999Chengdu Huaying Service Center for Personnel Going Abroad was established on domestic investment to succeed the overseas education service of the Training Center.

    2002Started the cooperation with Chengdu Shude High School to establish an International Department on campus.

    2004Introduced in the first joint high school program in Sichuan—the VCE International High School Program at the International Department of Shude High School.

    2005Establishment of Branch Company in Singapore. Authorized by several French public universities to deliver in Sichuan the Nonstop Preparation Program for Study in France.

    2007Took the lead in delivering Singapore Cambridge O-Level program in China.

    2008Took the lead in launching “Ivy League” Admission Application Scheme in China; first introduced in Southwestern China the US top university admission application guide.

    2008 Initiated the preparation training for SAT test as the first in the Southwest of China.

    2008Introduced in Singapore Investor and Entrepreneur Immigration service as the first in southwestern China.

    2009Guizhou Branch Company was established.

    2010Launched US EB-5 Scheme, UK investors’ scheme and Australian business scheme of immigration.

    2012Shude International Department obtained the official authorization of the IBO to delivering IB Diploma program.

    2013Launched European immigrant investor program.

    2016Launched comprehensive and integrative career planning program.

    2017listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (New OTC Market) as the first of its kind in west China.

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