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25-year professional experience
Provide counseling and services for students who want to study in overseas countries and areas, including U.S., Canada, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Spain, Hong Kong and etc.

360° One-stop Service:

Until now, we have successfully help tens of thousands of students enter into reputable schools around the world.

International High School

The International Department of Shude High School, jointly set up by Chengdu Shude High School and Chengdu Huaying Consulting and Service Co., Ltd., was authorized by Chengdu Education Bureau in 2002. (Verification No:(2005) 5) Adhering to the philosophy "Cultivating Virtues and Building Characters for Future Achievements", we aims to nurture talents with global vision advancing towards the world. We provide abundant international courses, including Advanced Placement courses, International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (“IB”), Victoria Certificate of Education (“VCE”) and etc. To date, we have sent 2453 students to prestigious universities in the U.S., Australia, Canada, the U.K., New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore, and the Netherlands, etc. Our first-rated teaching quality, diverse curricula, excellent application and service system make us the best choice for students in Sichuan who wish to further their education abroad.

Languages Training
  • Professional language training for overseas study
  • IELTS official partner
  • SAT, SSAT, TOEFL, IELTS training
  • General English training
  • Admission interview training for overseas prestigious universities
  • French, Italian (CILS Testing centre), Japanese training
  • One-on-one English (basic English, examination-oriented English, AP and etc) class
  • One-on-one minority language training

Immigrant Investor Program, Housing Immigrant Program, Estate Planning, Overseas Investment & Financing in U.S., Canada, Australia, Singapore, UK, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Investor Residence Program in Hong Kong and etc.

Career Planning

We establish an internship platform for overseas returnees in southwest region of China. This innovative platform offers career information as well as career planning services, which we believe could perfectly combine study abroad and employment together.

Extracurricular Activities

To improve students’ comprehensive quality and cultivate them as world citizens, Huaying designs “Master A” – an extracurricular activities platform especially for students. It provides hundreds of different extracurricular activities, individual growth planning, and personalized activities guidance.

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