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  • Legal institution for overseas study service approved by China Ministry of Education (Accreditation Cert. No. Jiao Wai Zong Zi Ren Zi [2000]136).

  • Legal institution for migration service approved by Sichuan Provincial Department of Public Security (Accreditation Cert. No. Chuan Gong Jing Zhun Zi [2010]2714).

  • The executive member of the council of CEAIE.

  • The Chair of the Sichuan Provincial Association for Education International Exchange, Committee of Overseas Study Service Agent.

  • The Vice-Chairman of the 4rd Council of the Sichuan Provincial Guild of Entry and Exit Trade.

  • "Chairman Member of Foreign Exchange Platform" of Member of Association for Chengdu small and medium enterprises ".

  • The “Gold Level Overseas Study Agent of the IELTS Partnership Program” awarded by the British Council.

  • The “Singapore Educational Specialist of China” accredited by Singapore Tourism Bureau.

  • The EATC accredited counseling team in Australia education recognized by Australia Education International (AEI).

  • The Education UK Agent accredited by the British Council.

  • The New Zealand Educational Specialist Agent accredited by Education New Zealand.

  • Best Public-Praised Overseas Study Agency Awarded by SINA.

  • The “Most Authoritative Consultancy for Study Abroad in U.S.” titled by SINA in Sichuan.

  • “SOHU Top 10 Overseas Study Counseling Team”.

  • “Top 10 Sichuan Brands in Overseas Study Counseling” and “Extraordinary Contribution Award in Sichuan Education Industry” awarded by Sichuan Education Council and West China City Daily.

教外综资认字[2000]136号(认可留学中介资质) 川公境准字[2010]2714号 川教ZJ-20140108
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